Monday, August 30, 2010

The Emmy's

Did you watch the Emmy's last night?  Oh, I love award show season!  Award show season is when I really miss working.  My coworkers and I (Lisa and Peg, especially) loved to talk about what everyone was wearing and what shows did win or should have.  So, since I'm not working, I decided to discuss among us. 

I'm not sure if it's my love of acting and the career that never was or just my love of TV in general, but I am always so excited about the Emmy's.  It seems so much more relaxed than it's sister show, The Oscars.  I was very excited that some of my favorite shows, actors and actresses came out on top. 

1.  Mad Men won for best Drama Series.  Have you seen Mad Men?  I looooove it!  It's based on a 1960's ad agency in Manhattan.  It is fabulous!  I highly recommend it.  It's one of my favorites.

2.  Best Actress in a Dramatic Series went to another fave of mine...Kyra Sedgwick from The Closer.  I love her character, Brenda Lee Johnson.  She plays a southern detective moved to LA and is Chief of the Special Victim's Unit.  Her Southern charm/accent, etc. is very entertaining and she always outsmarts the bad guys.

3.  Best Actor in a Comedy Series:  Jim Parson from The Big Bang Theory.  I love this funny show.  He plays Sheldon, a brilliant, yet socially inept scientist.  It is funny and I am pretty sure Jim is supposed to have Asperger's Syndrome, a form of autism.  It may not be written that way, but he sure shows the signs.  It is brilliantly funny.

4.  Temple Grandin.  Of course, being the mom of an autistic child, I naturally want to see any and all movies about people with autism.  This movie is the story of Temple Grandin.  She is a Professor of Animal Science in Colorado and is a leader in the field of animal rights.  This movie does a fantastic job of showing how her mind works and how she sees things.  It was nominated for 15 awards and won 5, including Best Actress in a TV movie, Claire Danes and Best Supporting Actor in a TV movie, David Strathairn, and Best Supporting Actress in a TV movie, Julia Ormand, and Best Director in a TV movie, Mick Jackson and the award for Best Made for TV Movie. 

Now, let's talk Emmy fashion.

Love Eva Longoria Parker's dress.  I love all the fabric flowers.  So pretty!

Claire Danes looks gorgeous in this elegant beaded dress.  I bet it weighs a ton!

I think Amber Riley looks great in this dress.  Love the belt showing her waist line and the halter style is slimming on her arms.  I think she looks lovely!

Stephanie Pratt.  It's a lovely little dress.  If you were blessed with great legs, why not show them off.  BUT, I do find myself praying she has on underwear.  Bend at the knee, honey.

Okay, I try really hard not to talk ugly about other women.  I think it's just mean.  After all, I'm not a fashion editor and some people have trouble putting their pieces together.  After all, I'm terrible with jewelry.  But, if I were this lady....I think I might've asked for some help from a stylist. 

Seriously?  She looks like a little girl playing princess.  Bless her heart.  She needs Rachel Zoe.  I'm sure she is very talented and has a lovely personality.  So sorry for being ugly. 

Okay, enough of that. 

One more thing I have to say.  I adore Jimmie Fallon.  He is HYSTERICAL.  Did you catch the opening number with the cast of Glee, Betty White, Jon Hamm, Tina Fey, Tim Gunn and Kate Gosselin?  It's long, but fabulous!  Best opening number EVER.  Amanda, I thought of you when I was watching this.  I know how you love Glee.  View it below.

Have a great day!



  1. I could watch the opening over and over!! GREAT!

    I wasn't able to watch any of the show last night...but caught some of the pre-show fun :)

  2. Didn't watch it, but holy cow! I did not even recognize Claire Danes in that photo!

  3. I missed it, but I just watched the entire opening number. PERFECTION!!! Thanks for sharing it. :)

  4. I'm SO excited that Kyra and Jim won! I love both shows and they deserve those awards! Also agree that Clair and Eva looked did Penelope Cruz. I think this year's fashions were great...not too many fashion mistakes. Are they starting to learn?! : ) Do you watch Fashion Police on E! too?

  5. Didn't catch it this year...but you made me want to see Temple Grandin by your description alone! You should be on the red carpet next year! :-) Great job!

  6. I missed the whole thing this year. I always enjoyed the red carpet with my daughter(s) to see the gowns. I'm all about gowns. I am so out of the loop this year that I didn't know it was on.

    I love Big Bang. (Again, when I remember to watch it. I'm always forgetting.) Sheldon is a great character. He is hysterical. I actually had not thought about them creating a character with asperger's characteristics. Do you think they are doing it consciously?

  7. What a great emmy recap. I love Eva Longoria's dress the best. And jimmy fallon has always been one of myfavs!