Thursday, June 9, 2011

Getting To Know You Thursday...Code Words and Catch Phrases

So, when I was in middle school, my friend Paula and I spent many hours hanging out together.  We would get ready at eachother's houses, borrow eachother's clothes, do eachother's hair and makeup to get ready to go out and chase boys.  Okay, so we didn't literally go out and chase boys, but we'd hang out in a big group and flirt and make googly eyes at eachother and stuff. 

Sometimes after the movies, we would walk over to Pizza Hut and hang out some more.  After sitting in the dark for two hours with our friends, and the bathroom at the movies being full of people, sometimes you had to depend on your best friend to "check you" and make sure that you didn't have a big ole popcorn kernel in your teeth or something gross hanging out of your nose.  We had one friend in particular who always asked, "Do I have anything in my nose?"  Her name was Monica.  Therefore, "Monica" became our code word we used for "Check me and make sure I'm okay" before this group of cute boys comes up to us.  You see, boys are still immature at that age and they tend to make fun of girls whether they like them or not.  So, if you were caught with spinich in your teeth or something hanging out of your nose, you were doomed for your high school career.  Poor Terry wet her pants in 7th grade and was tortured for it until her family moved a year later.   

Ummm, Monica?

So, my other question for the day is about catch phrases.  What do you think of when you hear "Eh, what's up, doc?"  Bugs Bunny, right?  Here's a few more:

"Kiss my grits!"  Flo from Alice
"I pity da fool"  Mr. T, from The A Team
"Shazam" Gomer Pyle on The Andy Griffth Show
"ughr?"  Tim the Tool Man Taylor from Home Improvement
"Zoiks"  Shaggy from Scooby Doo 

When you hear these catch phrases you pretty much know who's talking, right?  Well, I've noticed when my bloggy friends amaze me with their latest creative projects or post something really funny, I catch myself typing/saying the same thing.  "Oh my gracious!"  Y'all may have noticed that I use that phrase A LOT!  Another thing I say a lot is, "Seriously?"  I didn't even realize how much I said it until a friend pointed it out to me.  I often tell my Hubby, "I love you and I like you a real lot!" and I'm known for calling my son "Dude" a lot.  So, I just wondered if it's just me or do y'all have certain code words or catch phrases you're known for?  I'd love to hear them.  Please tell me I'm not the only one.



  1. Oh, that's too funny.....I say that one a lot...i say That's adorable a lot. I also say "seriously" a lot as well. I am sure there are tons more......I am boring and say the same thing over and over!! HAHA!!
    i'll think of some more, I am sure.
    LOVE Monica!!! so funny!


  2. I love it when you say "oh my gracious"! You could trademark it!

    I hate to perpetuate a stereotype, but in conversation I find myself saying 'eh' a lot (I'm Canadian)!! I also say "I know, right" way too much. In high school we all used to say "tell me about it" until we drove our parents nuts!!

  3. Great story, and I literally did laugh out loud with your, "umm Monica?" comment below the picture.

    I agree with Yvonne that should trademark your "Oh my gracious!" It's so perfectly Froufrou.

    Let's see...
    Currently, I say "Seriously?" too.
    I'm told that I say, "Goooood grief!" a lot.

    I think the catch phrase that I'm most associated with is "Good idea?" I've said it for years, generally when I'm excited about some notion and am trying to get the listener excited too. It goes all the way back to my team teaching days.

    One day, my daughter's kindergarten teacher said that she (Practical One) was trying to get a group on board with some plan, and she slapped those hands on her hips and said, "Good Idea? Huh?" The teacher said that she nearly died because she looked just like me.

    Sorry for the long reply. You just got me thinking.

  4. I have a habit of calling my brother, son and my grandson Bubba. :)
    I say "Great!" a lot. And not in a good way.
    "Lord have mercy!" (Got that from my Grandma Willie, do you remember her?)

  5. I try really hard not to say 'fixin' in, "I'm fixin to go to the store".
    I know I say lots of other things..I just can't think of any right now :)

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