Friday, June 3, 2011

Monogram Tank

Well, it's been a little crazy around here the past few weeks.  We've had end of the year parties, field trips, carnivals, cookouts and as if we didn't have enough going on, a sick kid or two and some autism behavioral issues.  UGH!  But, somewhere during all the craziness, I did manage to find a few minutes to have some crafty time. 

What I realized while packing for the lake last week, was that E has a few cutesy outfits that I've made her, but she didn't have anything to wear with just a pair of simple shorts. 

This is how y'all usually see E...all dressed up.

This is more realistic for summer around the house.  A simple pair of shorts and one of her brother's t-shirts.  Yep, she might as well be a boy.  So, I decided to take my crafty time to applique something on one of the tank tops I bought last year that she never wore.  I picked a matching fabric from my stash, cut out her intials and used fusible web to attach it and stitched around it.

As you can see, it worked perfectly well to play outside and still look like a girl.....even with a dirt moustache.  That was a few minutes well spent. 



  1. Ah, so cute! I wish I was better about dressing up the kids plain clothes.
    PS- we're getting a swing set! No we didn't luck out and find one on Craig's list but we did get one on sale after stalking it for a few weeks here.
    Michelle - A-Tisket A-Tasket

  2. Perfect! What is there about monograms that just screams girly girl to me even in shorts and a tank?

  3. great idea Tanya! so so cute!

  4. That is so always make the cutest clothes! How can I get you to make me a ruffle towel? :)