Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Stupid Garage Sale

It has been crazy busy whirlwind of activity in the FFB household since March.  Of course, we've been busy with the end of school activities, field trips, recitals, parties, etc.  We're also expecting company in two weeks so we're busy trying to get this house in shape.  Our attic, closets and playroom are packed full of crap stuff.  So, of course, I decided we should have a garage sale.  By the way, I love going to garage sales, but I HATE having garage sales.  So, for a week, I dug through toys and cleaned out closets. 

I found my overalls, the very same overalls I was wearing the day I met my Hubby.  Little did I know that he had a thing for girls in overalls.  Hmmm.  I kept them just in case I'm ever a size 8 again.  A girl can dream, right?  Only, I didn't wear mine with heels.  I wore mine with these:

only mine were brown. 

Needless to say, I ended up doing a lot of reminiscing in my closet.  I found some maternity clothes and some of my "fat clothes".  You have those too, right?  You know, the cute clothes bought in a larger size because your other pants got a little too tight and you needed something cute to wear out of the house.  Yeah.  I saw them and remembered how ridiculous they looked on me when I lost the weight.  So, I got the bright idea that I'd try them on to see how silly they looked now.  Let me just say that this was NOT the smartest thing I've ever done.  I mean, I know I've gained a little weight, but GOOD GRIEF!  The fat clothes didn't look so ridiculous anymore.  They almost fit.  YIKES!  That's so depressing!!!  So, what did I do?  I donated them.  I've got to get rid of them so I have no fat clothes to fall back on.  UGH! 

Anyway, the garage sale was a total bust.  Hubby and I roasted in the heat for seven hours before I finally gave up, admitted defeat and donated the crap leftover stuff to a local church.  UGH!  Any guess how much I made?  $60.  Seriously?  $60?  Totally not worth roasting in the heat.  AND, I probably would've skipped the trying on of the fat clothes if not for the stupid garage sale.  Yes, I said the "s" word.  Don't tell me son.  He'll call the bad word police on me.  Stupid garage sale! 



  1. at least you were able to do some reminiscing...that must be worth $60!

    I know what you mean..having garage sales are a pain!

  2. I like to go to garage sales early on Saturday morning but I do not like to put one on.

    When I have to move I'm telling all my friends to come get what they want and then I'm caling 1-800-JUNK. - Charlene

  3. I guess the good news is that your house is in better shape than when you started. I'd be frustrated, too, at only making $60.

    You're braver than me to try on old clothes! For me, it would be a lose-lose situation.... I don't think my ego could handle it!

    I hope you have a really good time when your company comes in two weeks!

  4. I'm finished with garage sales too! I love love love going to them, but having them is so much work and if you do the math and see how much you make per hour, it's so not worth it!

    My hubs had a thing for girls in overalls too. I had a zillion different pairs in college. Wish I had kept them because I was out shopping recently and it seems like they are making a comeback. Who knew? And you are right, I never wore heels with mine either...but I wish I had...how cute is that?!


  5. Bummer about the $60. :( That's my fear of having a garage sale. I need to do it though!

  6. I am way too lazy to have a garage sale. I admire you for even trying. Hey, at least you have $60 to spend on your company.

  7. Garage sales are a a lot of work! And like you, the last couple I've had totally did not make enough money to be worth it. I've pretty much decided that anything worth selling is better (and more easily) put on Craigslist and the smaller stuff just needs to be donated.
    Sorry it was a flop for you!

  8. Oh, honey. . . bless your heart! Honestly, I'm not sure that garage sales are worth the effort. In the summertime heat, I really don't think they're worth it! But I wish yours had made you more $$. Oh, well, at least you're making progress on getting the house cleaned out, right?? :)

  9. Our community has a neighborhood garage sale every year so we decided to join in this year. Yeah, not so much fun. We had sorted and collected all kinds of stuff and then the day of dear hubby goes looking for more stuff. All of a sudden I'm having to make decisions on if I'm ready to part with this or that. And people are making offers on the stuff. Not looking forward to next year.
    Michelle A-Tisket A-Tasket

  10. UGH. Blogger just ate my comment again.

    I can't remember exactly what I said, but basically, I am glad to be finished with my garage sale. I have no intention of having another one unless I'm over the age of 65 and selling off all my possessions to keep from eating dog food.

    Let's just celebrate the new found space where our junk used to be.

  11. That comes out to about ten cents an hour! haha! 60 dollars! UGH!
    Have a PRETTY day!

  12. I actually had someone to shoplift at the one and only garage sale I ever had. I mean, seriously, 25 cent items and you are going to shoplift??? That was it for me....