Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Love Spray Paint and I Hate Dye (A Story of Victory and Defeat)

Once there was a boring taupe table and boring taupe chairs with boring taupe cushions.  They all sat together on a boring gray concrete slab of a back porch.  There was no color there so everything was sad and boring.  Then the owner of the boring taupe table got an idea.  You see, the owner of the table, Mrs. FrouFrou, loved spray paint. 

So, she talked her sweet Hubby into taking said boring taupe table and painting it black.

So, the sweet Hubby took the sad table apart.  He cleaned it, taped off the top and spray painted it black.  Then he put it all back together again.

And for some reason, the sweet Hubby put the dirty pollen covered lazy susan on top of the table without cleaning it.  EWWW!  But Miss FrouFrou was so happy that the table was now painted black that she forgave the sweet Hubby and didn't even mention the fact that it totally screwed up the after picture. 

While the sweet Hubby was painting the table, Mrs. FrouFrou and he talked about sprucing up the cushions as well.  Hmmmm, she thought.  "What about dye?"  So she drove to Hobby Lobby and picked up a few bottles of dye.

She talked the sweet Hubby into soaking all the cushions that would fit into a huge tub full of a water, dye and salt solution, per the directions on the bottle.  After 20 minutes, the cushions were still the same boring taupe.  So, Miss FrouFrou and the sweet Hubby waited and waited and waited.  They kept checking the cushions late into the night, but they were still taupe.  The decided to let them soak overnight.  The next morning when they checked the cushions, they realized that they had turned a lovely pollen/urine color of greenish/yellow.  Hmmm.  The boring taupe cushions were no longer boring, just sickly looking.

YIKES!  Not exactly the green cushions Miss FrouFrou was going for.

But, Miss FrouFrou and the sweet Husband loved the sickly pollen colored cushions anyway and decided to keep them forever and ever, or at least until an extra $200 falls out of the sky to buy replacement cushions. 

So, the moral of the story is this:  Read all directions on the bottle.  The bottle clearly says in teeny tiny print, that it doesn't work well on Polyester fabrics.  OOPS!  That's what happens when Miss FrouFrou doesn't bother to put in her contacts so she can read the teeny tiny print



  1. Yeah, if those cushion covers had been cotton, you'd have been in business! Sorry the dye didn't work for you. But your spray paint job looks wonderful!

  2. The table looks great. I want to paint ours. I would need for it to be taken apart first so it hasn't gotten done yet.

    As for dye, I've had good luck and bad luck with it. Here's a thought: What about fabric paint in the interim. Have you ever tried that?

  3. I was wondering about spray painting them too? Would that work? If not, you could consider buying some inexpensive fabric and making slip covers. Still, the black is really neat against the taupe/sickly pollen green color. :P

  4. I usually go for stories with happy endings, but the climax with the newly painted table was excellent. ;) Love the new look!

  5. Well, the table and chairs look great! Too bad about the cushions...surely you of all people could sew covers for them!

  6. Your table and chairs look great with their new black paint. Sorry your cushions wouldn't take the die. Belinda says to spraypaint them. Maybe you could test that idea on the bottom of one to see if it works.

  7. Love the table and chairs - sorry to hear about the cushions though. By the way - did you see where we are moving back to AR THIS weekend?! We are SO excited and can't wait! Would love to get a chance to meet up with you in person once everything settles down and we are officially all unpacked and stuff! :)