Thursday, June 2, 2011

So, I'm Curious About Your Dreams

As the title says, I'm curious about your dreams.  I'm not talking about your goals and aspirations.  I'm talking about what goes on in your head when you fall asleep at night. 

Do you dream about the things that are going on in your life?  When L was diagnosed with autism, I dreamed about it for 3 months straight.  Even sleep was no escape from the stress of a new diagnosis and all that comes with it.  Do you dream about work?  Hubby talks in his sleep sometimes and it's usually something pertaining to work.  Do you have nightmares?  Maybe you dream somebody is chasing you or you dream you're in a scary situation, or falling from a tree.  You know they say if you ever hit the ground you'll have a heart attack.  It's not true.  I dreamed I fell out of a tree and I hit the ground and broke my arm.  No heart attack. 

How about the dream where you go to work naked?  I've heard people say that on TV, but I've never dreamed that. 

It's been said that dreaming is a reflection of your subconscious.  I wonder if that's true.  You see, it doesn't really matter if I'm having a nightmare about being chased by a tiger or dreaming about a field trip with the kids or a date with hubby or one of my many dreams that make ZERO sense, there is always one common thread.  I'm always skinnier in my dreams than in real life.  Not only am I skinnier, but I'm also toned and strong and well, kind of HOT! 

Yeah, something like that.  So, do you think my subconscious is trying to tell me to got off my behind and lose some weight?  Hmmmm.  Maybe so.  So, what do you dream about?



  1. Yep, I am always skinnier in my dreams. And somewhere in my head I think I really am 'cause I can really get surprised when I see a picture of myself. I somehow sometimes still think I am the size I was before my children came along. *sigh* Trying to work on getting back to that size...

  2. I'm always skinnier, more fit, and usually I can fly.

    I'm afraid to know what this says about me. ;)

  3. I always dream about something that had some part of my day. Whether it was a commercial for something I saw on tv, or something at work, it usually has some relation to my life. Now I like to see if I'm pregnant in my dreams. I'd say it's about half of the time, so it's really funny when I wake up to think about if I was.

  4. Recently my dreams are always crazy, hectic, never ending too do items to get through and I wake up more exhausted from them then when I went to bed. Most nights I don't dream, which is good.

    A-Tisket A-Tasket
    We made it through the last month of pre-school. Boy was it busy, little worried about what the end of school is like for kindergarten, yikes! Also I'm having trouble posting with my goggle account so I'm going to have to post anonymous until I get it figured out.

  5. No weird dreams to report here. For once in my life, I am sleeping peacefully at night, thanks be to God,


  6. I frequently dream about work. It used to be waitressing dreams where I couldn't keep up and now it's teacher dreams where the kids won't behave. I wake up exhausted! I also frequently dream that I'm being chased or attacked and I try to scream and I can't. When I do scream, it scares my poor husband to death. I have some crazy dreams, too, that are so real. Once I dreamed I was on the trail where I always run in the woods but I was pole vaulting instead of running. It was so real!

    You must worry about being skinny if that always comes up in your dreams.

  7. I rarely dream unless I'm going through something very stressful. In those times, I will have crazy dreams which are fun for me to try to break down and self-analyze.

  8. Oh, and I've never dreamed one of those naked dreams in my life. Good thing. Mine would be a nightmare.

  9. well...I have had those naked dreams...but only a few...not sure what that is all about...hmmmmm! You are cracking me up with that photo!!! : D