Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I've already decided that I'm going to paint my kitchen red.  I just wish I could decide WHICH red!?  As I have mentioned before, I have been "living with" several big red splotches on my wall for over a year.  I don't like ANY of them!  They all look too...pinkish.  UGH! 

Anyway, check out this picture. 

I LOVE this kitchen!  Gorgeous!  I saw this picture over on a little blog.  You may have heard of it.  It's called The Inspired Room.  I stalk visit Melissa's blog every day.  She always supplies me with my daily dose of inspiration (hence, the name of her blog)  The picture itself is from Country Living.  LOVE IT! 

Red is supposed to be the color of love, passion, etc.  Red is also said to have an energizing effect (I could definitely use some energizing) and is supposed to stimulate the appetite.  HOLD UP!  That is EXACTLY what I need, because as of now, I am only 20 pounds overweight.  I mean, gracious, let's go ahead and paint the inside of the fridge red too.  Maybe I could gain another five or six pounds.  Okay.  Sorry.  Anyway, red is a good color choice, right?  Actually, I think every room in my house has some form of red in it, just not in paint form.  I never realized I was so attached to my red. 

Anybody have a good shade of red to suggest?


  1. I will have to think on that one. I had my foyer painted red once and really loved it. I know it was a sherwin williams color but it has been a while. I look and see if I can find an old can or note with the color on it.
    Good luck~

  2. Thanks Susie! That would be GEAT! I am really stumped!

  3. You know, they say it's good to actually have at least one red object in every room! http://www.doublex.com/blog/nicksdreamhouse/lasting-freshness-big-red-your-living-room

    You were living by the rules of interior design and didn't even know it.

    So here's a thought that you may or may not have thought of. Is there a particular item you have that is the perfect red or that would make a great paint color for your kitchen? You could always take it to Home Depot and use their color matching services.

    Good luck! And seriously, how unfair is it that red stimulates the appetite? Is there a color that takes the appetite away? If so, I'd like to make glasses out of it, please.

  4. I had my kitchen red at my previous house and LOVED IT. It was a deeper red....

    I like Sherwin Williams site for their 'try it out' options....picking out the most similar room to yours and then dragging your paint colors onto the walls....

  5. Meg - thanks for the info and the link. I rarely do anything right! That's so exciting for me! If you happen to find the color that takes away the appetite, PLEASE clue me in. I will SURROUND myself with it.

    Amy- I would love to see pictures! Are there any on your blog? I will check out Sherwin Williams website. Thanks for the info!

  6. I love the color red! but this post is exactly why I should NOT have red at my house! I need no help whatsoever in the stimulation of my appetite. Funny...that made me laugh out loud!