Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Oh My Gracious! The weather forecast is calling for snow. Let the hysteria begin! I have lived in Arkansas for most of my life. Every year that I can remember, there has been "Snow Hysteria". The forecast calls for snow and people FREAK OUT! People call in to work and say they can't make it in - every grocery store is PACKED with people fighting over the last jug of milk like it was the Black Friday sale. People go out and buy new tires, chains, space heaters, etc. It is CRAZY out there people. Thanks goodness that I got to go to the grocery store before the 5:00 work crowd.

The forecast is calling for a dusting to an inch. I bet the town is shut down tomorrow. I just know the people up north would laugh themselves silly over the crazy Arkansans that freak out over an inch of snow, but we just don't know how to deal with it. We don't have any snowplows! It's supposed to get to 8 degrees. 8!! That just doesn't happen around here very often. Thank you Lord for my flannel sheets! I just wish I could talk my hubby into an electric blanket.

I really have mixed feelings about this whole snow thing. It's sooooo fun and exciting and beautiful. I DO love pajama movie days when you can't go outside. FUN! Bad thing is, I didn't buy any extra chocolate. Uh oh! Also, the kids just went back to school today and now they could be out another day or two? Not good! I didn't think I was EVER going to get them out of bed this morning. UGH!

Well, because it's cold, I've got a big pot of chili cooking. BUT, as always, I forgot something. I forgot tomatoes so I have to go back into that CRAZY store full of people again. Oh well! What do other people eat when it's cold out I wonder? I always want chili.

Can't wait to see what happens! It's supposed to start snowing around 10:00 p.m. so I'll be up half the night peeking out the window!

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