Thursday, February 4, 2010


Hey!  WOW!  Two posts in one day.  That's strangely productive of me!  Anyway, I just wanted to share that yesterday was my anniversary (well, mine and my Hubby's - not just mine).  Nine years with the love of my life.  YEA!  So, my aunt kept the kids so we could have a night on the town.  WOO HOO!  I wore my cute jeans and boots and my new scarf and cut plaid coat from VS.  I LOVE that coat!  I wore makeup people.  I got to be a girl.  It was such a good day! 

We went out for breakfast to Cracker Barrell.  They have the BEST pancakes EVER!  Then we went shopping and we bought a new armoire for the kitchen (more on that later) and after we picked up the big three from school and dropped them off we went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse (at 4:30, just like the old folks who can't drive after dark) and then to FREE MOVIE.  FREE!  We had free tickets to the Dear John preview.  It was so good and of course I cried like the big ole baby that I am.  It comes out Friday.  I highly recommend it!  AND, Channing Tatum is BEAUTIFUL!  Sorry the picture is so out of focus, but trust me, he is BEAUTIFUL!


  1. I came by to comment on your "Blog Rocks" post... but then I read you'd seen "Dear John"-- for free!-- and I had to stop right here. I LOVE Nicholas Sparks books-turned-movies, and I'm dying to see this one. I'm so jealous you got to see it without paying!

    Thanks for the blog love earlier today. I'm glad you found me again!!!

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  2. The preview for Dear John really, really makes me want to see it. It's great that you got to go for free!

  3. hi tanya!
    nice to meet you!
    i just got home from seeing dear john and i cried too!!!
    it was so good and 'john' made it delightful!!!

    i share your love of nicholas sparks in fact one of my new year goals is to read all of his books ~ i have 4 to go!
    i am a new follower of your blog... it looks like such a fun time and you have a gorgeous family!
    many blessings