Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Have you ever had one of those weeks?  Ya know what I'm talking about?  One of those weeks when you have WAY to many commitments, meetings, doctors appointments, etc. until you feel as if you about to absolutely lose it?  I know it's only Wednesday, but it's been one of those weeks already.  I honestly don't know how you ladies who work keep it all together! 

Have you seen these? 

Do your schools collect these?  Mine does and I am the coordinator.  The last day to turn these in for the year is February 28th.  I have been frantically counting and packaging these little boogers like a mad woman all week.  Let me just say, either I'm getting old quick and have really bad eyesight in spite of my new contacts, OR they print those durn expiration dates WAAAAAY TO SMALL!  I found one from 2002.  I mean really people, clean out your pantries a little more often, okay!  Anyway, thanks to my friend Paige for helping me out on this (as if she doesn't have enough to do with her three kids and her full-time job, etc.).

One of the other things I'm getting ready for is the big consignment sale that happens twice a year around here.  That's where I get rid of most of my kids clothes and toys.  It's a great way to make extra $ and find some really cute "gently used" items for the kids.  Do y'all have these types of sales in your area? 

As if this wasn't enough going on, we've had dentist appointments and therapist meetings everyday and yesterday my computer died.  DIED!  Blue Screen!  DIED!  She was saying something to me, mumbling in some obscure DOS language that I don't understand.  I don't speak DOS.  Hopefully, the Geek Squad can save her or at least retrieve my files.  I was freaking out when Black Beauty (that's what Hubby named her) died.  Our conversation went something like this.

Me:  "Babe, the computer screen is blue and saying something about a drive so I just turned it off.  If we      take it to Best Buy will they be able to get off our pictures and videos and stuff?"
Hubby:  "When was the last time you backed up the files?" 
Me:  "Um.....never.  I don't know how to do that!" 

I'm not a computer savvy kind of girl.  I am freaking out at the thought of losing all of my pictures, although last year Hubby did copy a lot of them to disc.  Thank you Lord for small miracles. 

So, this is the kind of week I have had so far.  I was planning on showing y'all my new furniture in the dining room, but my picture is on my other computer.  I'm on Hubby's work laptop now.  No pictures.  Fingers crossed, I can show it to you in a few days. 

Hope everyone else is having a good week. 


  1. Yes! Crazy week is coming up next week, lol. We have one huge kids' consignment sale here in the 'Burg and several small ones. That's where I get most of my girls' clothes. I don't mind second hand so long as they are adorable. ;)

    You should check my post from Monday if you didn't see it. It was all about organizing photos, getting them off the computer, CD, etc. I hadn't thought about CDs being obsolete in 20 years before someone mentioned it...but the same thing happened to floppy discs, right? :s

  2. Our previous church used to have one of those sales, but I just got an email that they've had to discontinue it. Rats.
    You should try one of those online backup services, like Carbonite. It's only about $60/year.
    Hope the Geeks can save your pictures!

  3. Amanda, I read it and felt really guilty that all of my pictures that are printed, are still in the little Wal-Mart envelopes. I'm terrible about putting pics in albums.

    Holly, thanks for the info. I had no idea there was an online backup service. I'll have to check that out. We found out last night that we lost EVERYTHING on the computer. EVERYTHING! Every picture/video taken in the last year. I am just sick!

  4. Haha, I've so had one of those weeks also! As proof, my dismal amount of blogging or visiting my faves!

    I finally totally ditched my board meeting I was supposed to go to on Thursday and stayed home and watched the Olympics and did glitter toes with my daughters!

    Now I had a good excuse, my youngest daughter was ill, and I had no babysitter because my parents were taking my older 2 kids (who are still kinda young to babysit anyways) to a play, and hubby was working. I was glad to ditch though!

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