Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Walking Through The Screen Door Back In Time

I was iced in for most of the weekend, so I had a pajama weekend day.  I did laundry and watched a few movies.  I loaded up my DVR with movies.  Hubby had to work on Sunday so I settled in to watch one of my beloved Hallmark movies. 

I think it was called Valley of Light.  It was about a soldier coming home from the war in the mid 40's.  It was a good movie, but mostly I loved noticing the things of another era.  The 40's fashion, including those little aprons women ALWAYS wore, the great cars (I LOVE antique cars) and most of all, the screen doors on everyone's houses.  Isn't it funny how something as simple as a screen door slamming can take you back to another place and time?  I immediately was taken back to being about twelve years old and going to my great-grandmother's house.  It was the house where my mother was raised.  It was a simple three bedroom house in the country.  My cousin was just a few years older than I and we often planned visits during the summer months.  My cousin and her parents lived in the house with my great-grandmother.  This place always fascinated me.  There was a front porch and a back screened in porch, each with a screen door.  I always wanted to "dig for taters" in the garden, which my cousin did a lot and hated.  I LOVED it!  It was like finding buried treasure (I LOVE potatoes).  We played in the old smokehouse.  We played on the big iron bed on the back porch.  We explored down the dirt road and in the pasture and barn.  We played barefoot in the front yard, spraying eachother with the waterhose and avoiding the sweetgum balls that were so prickly when you stepped on them.  We ran in and out all day long.  "Y'all quit slamming the screen door" Mama Keith would hollar at our backs.  I can still hear her voice calling from the kitchen as she and Aunt Nell peeled the potatoes for supper.  That is what a screen door reminds me of, a fun, simple day in the country, with family and good food.

I ventured to our local Habitat for Humanity resale store a few weeks ago.  It was my first visit.  The back room was full of light fixtures, toilets, etc. but on the back wall there stood a row of doors.  Some paneled, some plain, some hollow with holes in them, but in the middle was a white screen door with peeling paint.  It was five dollars.  I wanted it so badly, but I just couldn't seem to figure out what to do with it.  I knew if I brought it home without a plan for it, my hubby would give me the look.  Ya know, that where in the world are we going to put that thing look?  Do ya ever get that look?  Anyway, my mom pretty much gave me the same look when I told her about it.  I do realize it's not a practical thing to have a screen door when you have central heat and air, but....surely I'll think of something.  Until then, my beloved white screen door sits in the back of that store just waiting for me to come claim it.  Someday. 


  1. Thanks for taking me back to my childhood as well! You can replace taters with maters and sweet gum balls with smushed plums and I would have the exact same story!

    I was in an antique store in Fayetteville, AR a couple of weeks ago and they had turned a door into a shelf It was very cute. Maybe you could do something similar and display on your back deck with ivy and seasonal flowers?

  2. Great post! I would have gotten that screen door for only $5. I have seen them hung on a wall or put in a corner with things hung on it, like pictures and a shelf.

  3. I have a weakness for old doors and windows as well! For $5 I would have snatched that puppy up and stuck it in the garage or basement until I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. Right now I have 2 old windows used a decor, one in the entryway with a vinyl letter Z on it for our last name, and one made into a chalkboard. I also have an old white door sitting in our bedroom, still trying to figure out how to make it useful, but for the time being I love it just sitting there. Do what makes you happy and what you love, my husband has mastered the 'look' that you speak of, but I just brush it off...men! :)