Monday, November 15, 2010

Celebrate Living Thanksgiving - Week 2

Hello bloggy friends!  I am starting off the week with Celebrate Living Thanksgiving.  I think being thankful is a good way to start the week, don't you?  So, here we go....I am thankful for:

1.  That even though in this life I'm not anywhere close to riches or mansions, that I will have a mansion in heaven. 

2.  that my son actually sang during the school Veteran's Day program.  He hates to sing in front of people!

3.  that the strep has left my house.  I don't have time to be sick!

4.  that the kids had a good time decorating the Christmas tree last night, even though they totally stressed me out!

5.  for every handmade mismatched ornament on my tree because my kids made them, well, except maybe the weird paper Mario trophy my son made. 

6.  that my aunt could keep L while we went to J's Veteran's Day Program so we could actually watch and listen instead of trying to entertain L.

7.  for Hallmark Channel's Christmas Movie Marathon yesterday.  Ahhhh, I love Christmas movies.

8.  for my peacock feather printed rainboots my mom got me for Christmas last year.  I love them! 

9.. for rainy days so I can wear my rainboots without getting those weird stares from people who are thinking, "It's 82 degrees and sunny.  Why is she wearing her rainboots?"

10.  for E's impromptu song and dance performances in the living room, Jeepers, Creepers, where'd you get those peepers" and "Single Ladies".  She makes me laugh.

11.  for Redbox.  It's cheap.  Love that!

12.  for my dad because he always finds time to figure out what's wrong with my van and fixes it.

13.  for soft fluffy towels straight out of the dryer

14.  for Gain Apple Mango Tango.  I love that stuff!

15.  for flannel sheets even though I haven't used them lately.

16.  for my favorite orange cup that I stole from my mom

17.  for trips we are planning to see family for the holidays

18.  for the show Undercover Boss.  It makes me cry every week and reminds me that there really are some wonderful people in this world.

19.  for chocolate

20.  for mascara

21.  for friends who pray for you, even when you don't ask.

22.  for my Husband who makes me laugh EVERY SINGLE DAY!

23.  that my mom is not only my mom, but my friend

24.  for Veggie Tales

25.  For Christmas and the birth of my Savior

I'm linking up to my friend Mary Joy's Celebrate Living Thanksgiving.  Click over and join in the fun!

What are you thankful for???



  1. Great list Tanya!!! I love how you appreciate the smallest things! They are some of the most precious!

    My "Celebrating Living Thanksgiving" article is up and posted, finally...LOL. Its been a rough morning! I would be so honored if you came and joined the party! :D


  2. enjoyed reading your Thanksgiving list. It is amazing how when you begin this journey - your eyes are seeking along with your heart. :) Have a great week - thankful everyone is well.

  3. Hey Tanya! I love your list. . . and I love the idea of stopping to be purposefully thankful! :)

  4. Tanya, That is a GREAT list!You have inspired me to make a list of my own. Thank YOU for that!
    Have a pretty day! Kristin

  5. What a wonderful list! It makes me think of all the things we tend to over look as blessings. Its the small things that matter.

  6. Good list!!! Love the orange cup--hope your mom doesn't read your blog. ;)

  7. These are great ones yet again. I love the part about the rain boots. You would DEFINITELY get along swimmingly with my younger daughter. I think she secretly does rain dances.

  8. Love the rain boots - they are ADORABLE! I had to LOL about the Orange cup - besides ME, you are the only other person I KNOW that prefers to drink out of a CUP rather than a GLASS. Maybe I'm wrong, but that was the impression I got from it being your favorite cup! HA! I love your list! Thanks for sharing! :) xoxoxo

  9. I have searched everywhere for those rainboots can you please tell me where you got them or who they are made by?