Thursday, November 11, 2010

Getting To Know Your Thursday......Concerts

So, bloggy friends, here we are again for another installment of Getting To Know You Thursday.  There have been plenty of Thursdays when I really have to think about what I want to share.  That is not the case this week.  I was reading my friend Xazmin's post from a few days ago about The New Kids On The Block and The Backstreet Boys going on tour and I got to thinking about my first concert and wondering about yours. 

Now, keep in mind that I am a child of the 70's and a teenager of the 80's. So, by the time I was in 6th or 7th grade, I was listening to music by Michael Jackson, Culture Club, Journey, Chicago, Stray Cats, Phil Collins, Bryan Adams, Men At Work, Air Supply and Duran Duran.  My walls were covered with posters of the guys from Duran Duran, John and Roger Taylor being my favorites.  Many of my friends were going to see Van Halen, Bryan Adams and The Police when they came in conert.  I remember being so jealous.  My parents would've NEVER let me go to a concert unsupervised.  N.E.V.E.R.  I know my friends must've thought I was the biggest nerd because my parents were so strict.  Little did I know that I would be too. 

So, when I was in 7th grade, my parents' friends from church, who we hung out with all the time, offered to take me to a concert with them.  They were a brother and sister in their 20's and were very responsible.  They babysat us often so mom and dad knew they were trustworthy.  So, off we went to my very first concert.  Wanna know who we went to see? 

Yes, people, Barry Manilow.  I love Barry Manilow.  My friends nearly laughed me out of school when I wore my Barry Manilow Paradise Cafe concert shirt to school, but I didn't care.  I love Barry Manilow and have seen him several more times.  I mean, girls, Barry writes the songs that make the whole world sing, ya know?  Not to mention the Band-Aid commercial jingle (I am stuck on Band-Aids, and a Band-Aid's stuck on me), the State Farm Song (Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there) and the classic McDonald's (You deserve a break today, at McDonald's).  I still love him.  As I've said before, I'm embracing my inner dork.

Yes, since then I have been to some more "typical" conerts.  My dad took my friend and me to see Huey Lewis and The News in high school.  I did see Chicago, REO Speedwagon, New Kids On The Block, NSYNC, Jim Brickman, and I even went to Lalapallooza in New Orleans many years ago and saw Red Hot Chili Peppers and several other alternative bands.  Boy, I didn't fit in AT ALL at that concert.  From Barry Manilow to Chili Peppers.  Wow, that's quite a range, isn't it? 

The last concert I went to was when my Hubby surprised me by taking my to see Rascal Flatts a few years ago.  We dropped off the kids at my aunt's house and got back in the car to go to dinner and a movie.  Hubby told me I had lipstick on my teeth or something so that I would pull down the visor mirror where he had stashed the concert tickets for me to find.  What a huge surprise and what a great concert.  Yep, he's a keeper! 

I'm not big on spending a lot of $$ on concerts.  I know people who have flown across the country to "follow" a band to several cities on their tour.  Nope, not me.  I have to really love a group to pay good money to see them.  I would love to see Bon Jovi in concert though.  I've never seen them, but I've heard they are really good.  I would also pay to see Nickleback, Daughtry, Michael Buble and a few more. 

So, what was your first conert?  Who was your last concert?  Who are you dying to see in concert? 



  1. hahaha! Barry Manilow!

    My first concert was in high school going to see Backstreet Boys, Hanson, Aliyah, and a few others who were one hit wonders. We thought it would be so cool to spray ourselves with silver glitter spray before we went so we were completely covered in glitter and got it all over one girl's mom's car! The next day at school we all wore our t-shirts and thought we were so cool!

    I was a bit of a Backstreet Boys groupie and went to 3 of their concerts, but I never traveled farther than Milwaukee which was only a little over an hour away.

    I don't go to concerts very often anymore...I guess I feel like it's a waste of money too. Maybe one day!

  2. My first ever concert was NKOTB of course! My parents were also very strict. But when I was 13 the gave me tickets to New Kids. It was at the height of Blockhead-mania, and I was obsessed. They were performing at the Marriot Center at Brigham Young University, which is owned by the LDS church, so I guess they thought it was "safe". My mom and a friend drove us down to Provo which is about 30 minutes south of where we lived, and we had the best time!

    I didn't go to another concert until I was out of HS. Then I saw Howard Jones and Chicago. I didn't rediscover the fun of concerts until the American Idol year that Carrie Underwood won, and I went with my mom and some friends to the tour. Now I think they are so fun! But definitely have to be discriminating on who to see because of the price.

    The last concert I went to was Daughtry, this past April. It was wonderful. But as good as they were, Lifehouse opened up for them, and really, REALLY stole the show.

    Lifehouse is here on Monday, and I was really wanting to go, but since I found out NKOTB are touring again, and Bon Jovi is coming in the spring, I had to refrain, so I can save my money!

    How's that for a long answer?!

  3. oooh how fun!
    I think my first concert was Men at Work...and then Hall & Oates (saw them more than once).

    I've seen a few good ones but none lately :(

  4. I had NO idea he wrote the McDonalds song! That is too cool!!! :)

    I think maybe my first concert was Dave Matthews Band???

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  6. My first concert was Bruce Horsby. It was a very small venue and I remember sitting in the front row and he sang right in front of me! I once slept through a Leonard Skynard concert while sitting beside a huge speaker without ear plugs. (Yeah, I was tired after a long school day.) Who else?? Shania Twain is the only other concert that comes to mind.

    We are going to see Brad Paisley in February\!

  7. You. Did. Not.

    My first concert was Barry Manilow, too! and I still love him!! That is so funny!! I went with my mom...hee hee... I've also seen Richard Marx and New Edition (um...before Bobby Brown got weird) with her... No that I really think about it though....I wasn't much of a concert person....

  8. My first concert was Amy Grant. I've seen REM, Michael W Smith, Paula Abdul (not my choice), U2 and I can't think of any others...there haven't been too many.
    Now I would love to see Josh Groban.

  9. goodness, i love this post! my first concert-or so i'm told-was kool and the gang that my parents brought me too. i was literally a baby, lol. my first real concert was madonna, the who's that girl tour. i was probably in elementary school, but i remember dancing on the bleachers in the nosebleed section!

    the last concert i went to was morrissey, who i will see whenever he comes local. i've seen michael buble (and MET him) for his first album tour. tickets were much less expensive, and tho i am glad he is popular now, i am not willing to pay those ticket prices. paul mccartney is one i have yet to see, but really want to. cheap seats for his concerts usually set you back a few hundred, but i mean, really. i think i should bite that bullet!

  10. I'm with you on not spending dough on concerts. My first concert was Corey Hart at the Fort Smith fair grounds. I was very close to the stage and thought it was special that I caught the towel he used to wipe sweat from his brow. Ewwwww - what was I thinking?

    I can't even remember my last concert - that's how long it has been. I bet it was something at Riverfest if that even counts.

    I guess the one I would splurge on would be Toby Keith because my best friend is obsessed and I would want to be there for her.

  11. I haven't been to that many concerts now that I think about it. My first was to see Kenny Rogers. It was awesome!! He has always been a favorite. I'm trying to remember the last one...

    Good grief, I think the last one was a when my extended family went to the Grand Ole Opry on vacation in Nashville. There wasn't a really big name there at all that night.

    I didn't realize until this moment was a concert dork I am. LOL

  12. hi Tanya

    my first concert was Jefferson Airplane at the Spectrum in Philly, we were in the 3rd level and got a contact high from everyone getting stoned in the Slick was so stoned she couldn't get off the stage, but JA rocked!!
    The last concert I saw was Brooks and Dunn, quite a change! They were incredible!! I am still hoping to see Gordon Lightfoot someday, I had tickets a few years ago but circumstances prevented me from going.
    Hope you had a great weekend my friend!

  13. Oh girl! My first concert was....wait for it.... BARRY MANILOW! He sure put on a good show, you have to say that about him. I still love me some Barry.