Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween is Over, Bring on the Christmas Season!

Oh my gracious friends!  The high is 58 degrees outside today in central Arkansas.  It's cold and overcast and beautiful outside!  Halloween is over and I'm ready for Christmas.  I told Hubby that I want my Christmas tree up sometime in the next two weeks.  I used to put it up by the first weekend in November, but I may have to put it off a week this year - if I can stand it. 

I keep running across images like this:

So, I don't have a lot of extra $$ right now since I spent a small fortune on doctor's visits last week.  But, even I can afford to wrap up some empty boxes to put on the porch.  CUTE!  I'm soooo ready!

I need to make E's Christmas dress.  This is the one from last year.

I'm ready to sit in front of my Christmas tree with a big ole cup of hot chocolate and watch the lights twinkle.

MMMMMM.  Yummy!

So, are y'all as excited about Christmas as I am?  or do you think I'm just a little nuts?



  1. Hi Tanya!
    You're not nuts!
    (Well, maybe a little, teehee!)
    My next thought, too, is Thanksgiving.
    Is your home decorated for Christmas at Thanksgiving?
    Or do you take our your Christmas decor after Turkey Day, like I do?
    Just wondering.
    I just had my first cup of hot cocoa on Sunday! The low was 44 degrees during the night, so the house was 60 when we got up--yum!
    Your little Miss E is sure a cutie.
    When my girls were little, I made their dresses (matching, LOL!) for Christmas, too :)
    I miss that.(They don't).
    Oh, well.
    Hugs to you!

  2. Oh boy, I know it's coming, but I'm not quite ready for Christmas yet! I'm still wondering how we got to November so quickly.

  3. I'm never ready for Christmas. There are always gifts I haven't bought even though I start out really early. I love the decorating, but I wait until the day after Thanksgiving.

  4. Not nuts at all!! I would so love a porch like that and a nice cup of hot chocolate!!!
    It's supposed to be 80 something and rainy today - ick!!!

    Can't wait to see the Christmas dress...last year's was so cute!

  5. Christmas can wait here until Dec:-) I'm still savoring the Fall season, it's just my favorite. For my oldest it's Christmas all year round, seriously ask him which cd he wants to hear and it's always a Christmas one. The hot chocolate on the other hand I could go for right now!

  6. I wish I could twirl around and blink and my house would be decorated. :-P

  7. Not ready yet...I leave my Fall stuff up for Thanksgiving and Christmas goes up right after that. Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday, but I'm usually over all the clutter by January 1st, so I don't think I'd last with it for an extra month.

  8. Wow - you put your Christmas stuff up before Thanksgiving? I'm impressed! I love Christmas and it is my favorite holiday but I also enjoy my table and stuff being decorated for Thanksgiving. Like Amanda@SerenityNow said - I don't think I could stand another month of it - because by January 1st - that tree and decorations come down! LOL Have a great day my friend! xoxoxo P.S. It is 27 here this morning in Jersey - BRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! :)

  9. No! No! No! Do not say the word Christmas around me right now. I can't even think about it.

    But I DO love E's Christmas skirt. That's too cute! And I do love your porch picture.

    But zip it with the "C" word.

  10. I'm in love with Christmas too. I'm going to the opening of The Christmas Store (I think that's the name of the chain) on Saturday and I can't wait. I don't usually start my decorating until the day after Thanksgiving.