Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Holiday House 2010

This past weekend was the annual Holiday House in Little Rock.  The Junior League puts it on every year and it is a fabulous Christmas shopping extravaganza.  My mom, sister and I planned to go, but my niece had a school program and then they had to go out of town, so mom and I went Saturday and had such a great time.  This place was FULL of holiday decorating inspiration and gift giving ideas. 

Mom and I parked and walked past the Capital Hotel.

I love the Capital Hotel.  There is something so elegant about it.

Then we entered the convention center to find this waiting for us:

Okay, this picture is actually from the website because I forgot to take my own.  OOPS!

Anyway, Holiday House was full of great decorating ideas that I would love to share with you, but I saw lots of these:

Okay, so the ones I saw were much cuter, but I couldn't take a picture of them for obvious reasons. 

There was one booth that I loved that did allow me to take pictures.  Okay, so in all honesty, I didn't ask, BUT I didn't see a sign so I snapped a few really quickly before I got busted and she showed me her sign.

Oh my gosh!  A sock monkey Christmas tree!  GRACIOUS!  LOVE!  LOVE!  LOVE!  I looked up her booth # and it was Myrna's Joy.  I think it's the Funky Monkey in Van Buren, AR, but I have no verification of that.  Look what else she had in her booth:


Sock Monkey EVERYTHING!  Even a Monkey in the Box!  Soo cute!  She also had some really cute sock monkey paintings.  I didn't get a picture of those. 

If I had lots of $$ sitting around waiting to be spent, I would've bought me a bunch of sock monkeys for a Christmas tree in the playroom.  Soooo cute!  Maybe I can do that by the time I have grandchildren. 

There was one other booth that I'll share with you later in the week.  Hope y'all have a great day!



  1. OMG, freaking out over the sock monkey tree! That's awesome! That place would have been heaven for me. They sell that monkey in the box at Target and I always play with it when I'm there : )

  2. I have always loved sock monkeys. I've seen patterns for making, but don't know if I could tackle that one! Thanks for sharing, the tree is sooo cute.

  3. I just ADORE this time of year! And the Holiday House sounds like FABULOUS fun! The sock monkey tree is to die for! I am so giddy that the Holiday season is upon us! Um, except the food part - that is going to be my undoing! Oh well!

  4. I haven't been to a Holiday House kind of event in a long time. . . you've got me thinking I need to look in the paper and see when there might be such an event around here!

    Isn't it funny that there would be all those No Photo signs? I guess some people would just come and take lots of pictures of items and then try to make their own, without ever buying anything. But if I had a booth in a place like this, I think I'd be proud of people wanted to photograph my stuff!

  5. Love those sock monkeys! :) They have some similar items in the Joseph Beth bookstore!

  6. It sounds fun! My mother, sister, and I used to go to something called "Christmas Made in the South" which sounds a lot like this. It was always so fun. We haven't been in years.

    Those sock monkeys make me giggle.

  7. Wow, LOVe those sock monkeys too...ah childhood memories:-)

  8. what a fun day! LOL You crack me up! I love the sock monkey tree! How adorable!!! Thanks for sharing!