Friday, November 19, 2010

Christmas Inspiration

Hello friends!  Getting ready for the craft show (I know y'all are sick of hearing about it!), but I thought I'd put up some Christmas inspiration to get me in the mood!!!

Oh, to have a beautiful sunroom.  I am so in love with that black check couch!!  GORGEOUS!  Love the simple trees.  It's all gorgeous! 

First of all, I'm just in love with the wood island and the pot hanger thingee!  CUTE!  Love it all!

I love this little Christmas tree in the painted bucket!  I am so doing that!  So cute!

Photo credits from Better Homes and Gardens.

Everyone have a great weekend!  Catch up with y'all next week when everything is back to normal.



  1. I thought by the thumbnail that you were the owner of the cute checked sofa. I was jealous. Good thing we get to be jealous together. It makes for better fellowship. LOL

  2. Very, very wonderful decorations. I remember my Dad putting our tree in a bucket one year. I too love that look :)


  3. Can you believe that it is almost Christmas time? Good luck with your craft show. I just know that you'll have a successful day.

  4. I need all the inspiration I can get. When I fly back in the door it will almost be December & got to get it going. I see Debbie is drooling over the black check sofa too! I love it! Thanks for your sweet comments @ my place.

  5. Tanya- You inspired me!
    Have a pretty day!

  6. Beautiful pictures. Have a great week.