Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter, Trying New Recipes and Randomness

So, did y'all have a good Easter?  I did!  We had a weekend full of family togetherness.  Mom, C and I had a wonderful afternoon of shopping Saturday, which is saying something when you're trying to dress a teenager.  The kids had a great time dyeing eggs.  Church was wonderful, as usual.  The only bad thing about the weekend was that my camera DIED on me.  I only managed to get a few pictures.  Here is one of the kids.

The kids had a great time hunting eggs and then playing in the sprinkler.  Durn camera! 

In other FFB news, I am still roughly the size of the side of a barn.  In other words, I'm HUGE!  I've been soooo busy the last few weeks that my workouts have been minimal and I've been eating whatever I want, which is sooooo not good for my backside.  So, I've been on the outlook for some recipes that are low in fat, but don't taste like cardboard (not an easy task).  The first place I looked was Gina's Skinny Taste.  I love Gina's blog!  My sister brought a couple of Gina's recipes to lunch on Easter and they were excellent.  Last night I made Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken.  It was wonderful!  It was kind of a mexican chicken stew, served over rice.  Even Hubby liked it.  I would definitely recommend it.  Wanna see a picture?

Now doesn't that look good?  Of course, this is NOT my picture.  I had to steal borrow it from Gina's blog.  While my camera did finally start working again (for now), I spent the evening last night in the bathroom with the kids (more tornados) so I didn't have time to snap a picture of my bowl.  I feel sure that the picture I would've taken of my dinner in my orange plastic bowl wouldn't have been quite as pretty anyway.  We totally used plastic last night because I didn't want to hand wash my nice bowls during the tornado warning.  I'm lazy like that. 

I've been doing quite a bit of sewing the past few weeks.  I've had lots of bib and burpie orders.  There must be something in the water around here.  I better stick to bottled water. 

Isn't this fabric cute? 

I've been doing some other sewing too.  I'll share that project with y'all later this week.  Y'all have a great Tuesday!



  1. Hi Tanya, have you counted how many times your area has had a tornado warning this spring? You must have nerves of steal! Glad to hear you and yours had a happy Easter. Enjoy your bottled water ;)

  2. More tornadoes??! Wow!!! Glad y'all are safe. That stew looks great!! Do you think it would taste okay without cheese? T won't eat cheese, so I have a hard time with recipes. :(

  3. So glad you had such a nice Easter...we did, too! Now...did you survive those terrible storms yesterday? I know that many of my friends in Hot Springs Village sustained quite a bit of destruction. No lives were lost, thank goodness! We're supposed to get those same storms later tonight...oh, joy! That stew sure looks good...I'm going to add Gina's blog to my list of favorites. Have a good one, Tanya...and stay safe!

  4. Hey Tanya! Glad y'all had a good Easter! And glad that you've survived this tornado-full April intact! Jack was in the hospital during the storms that hit NC--the only precaution we took was to move his chair away from the window. So glad it wasn't worse than that in Durham!

    I need to try out your low-fat recipe. . . I just promised myself to lose five pounds by Mother's Day. Fingers crossed. :)

  5. YUM..the Santa Fe Chicken looks delicious!
    I'll have to check out Gina's blog.

    I can't believe the weather has been that bad (again)..ugh.

  6. The tornadoes have been unrelenting! St Louis has been all over the news since a tornado tore up the airport on Friday. We spent the evening in the basement, and fortunately it missed us by a couple miles, but not everyone was so lucky. Thank God that there were no fatalities and only minor injuries!

  7. Hey there! Yes, that dish does look delicious. I'm trying to cut back on sweets now that Easter is over, but man is it ever hard! Cute fabric for sure. I long to get back to sewing like I did in the good ole days. Maybe some day.... :)


  8. Oh friend, I'm in the same boat. The shiny red Kodak is basically a vegetable. She takes pictures, but they aren't worth a dime, especially on the inside. Sighing and heading to get another one. I had hoped to save for a better quality, but a point and click it will have to be...

    And I'm your next door barn neighbor...

    I'm just glad that I didn't also spend the night in the tub.

    I need to check out the recipe(s) on that blog.

  9. Glad you had a good Easter. Don't you hate it when you are too busy to take care of yourself properly? I haven't had time to do the workouts that I want to do in several months and I'm plain old sick of it! I hope you can get back the gym this week.