Thursday, April 28, 2011

Are you a Fashion Diva or a Gym Slob?

So, I am curious about something.  I know some of my friends work everyday and therefore are dressed to the nines on a daily basis.  Then there are the moms who stay at home and yet still look fabulous running around with the kids.  You know the type - perfect outfit, beautiful hair, wonderfully accessorized, etc.

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise

Since I still have a baby at home for another few months (cue the tears), I don't work much.  My daily life consits of these few places:  the gym, Wal-Mart, home, Target and the kids' school for pick up time.  That's about it.  Therefore, I don't spend a lot of time on myself.  I refuse to waste good makeup on the people at the gym just to go home, take a shower and wash it all off.  I am not that girl.  If I had tons of $$ to spend, I MIGHT be that girl, but I doubt it.  I am that girl at the gym in black semi-fitted yoga pants and a big ole t-shirt, no makeup and hair in a ponytail.  I do not go to the gym looking like it's Friday night and we're going clubbing after running on the treadmill. 

Nope, not me.  In fact, I'm usually the girl older mom picking up the kids from school, still in the nasty gym clothes because I never got the chance to take a shower.  EEEWWW!  It's so not pretty. 

Okay, so this is Kourtney Kardashian, but it could totally be me if she had a ponytail, no makeup and was say....12 sizes bigger! 

Now, I do loooove fashion, cute clothes and makeup.  If I was a size 6-8 and had lots of $$ to blow, I would look really good at least six three days a week.  It's hard to buy cute clothes when you are a Hoss (that would be a Bonanza reference for you young 'uns).  So, I get VERY excited when I get cute clothes and have somewhere to wear them.  Tonight, I have a date with Hubby.  I am so excited.  I get to be a girl tonight!  WOO HOO!  Wanna see what I'm most excited about wearing?

Aren't they cute?  I love me some Yellow Box!  Look at that cute wedge heel!  Know what that means?  For a klutzy gal like me, that means there probably won't be a trip to the ER tonight.  Gotta love that! 

So, I just wonder what type of woman you are?  Do you dress up on a daily basis no matter where you go?  Would you rather be out of toilet paper for 24 hours before you'd run to Wal-Mart without your makeup on?  Are you a gym slob like me?  Are you somewhere in the middle?  I'm just curious. 



  1. Yep, I am a lot like you. Gym slob. When I was younger you wouldn't catch me dead without full makeup and dressed nicely. I have never been one to like jeans, always liked pretty clothes but my weight became an issue. My goal this year is to get back down so I can go back to wearing nice clothes. :) I am motivated by all the cute dresses there are for summer right now and the shoes...OMG...the shoes. lol

  2. I love to dress up - I probably wear make up five out of seven days a week. I have people over to my house many days a week - I am a piano teacher. But, even when my kids were little I put on make up a few days a week and tried to look nice for my hubby. He never noticed or said he cared, but I just did it. I am not that slob...but my kids are a little bigger and it's a lot easier now, too! Perhaps you'll do more as the kids get easier and bigger. Those shoes look very fun, too!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  3. I get dolled up M-F for work. All summer when I'm not working, my hair is in a ponytail and I only wear a tad of make-up, most days none at all. My summer attire is either tennis clothes, garden clothes, or running clothes. The dresses stay pretty much on their hangers unless we are going out to eat or somewhere where I have to be out of comfortable clothes.

    Have fun on your date. So, what will you wear with your adorable new shoes?

  4. Hope you had a great time on your date!

    If I was at home, I wouldn't be dressing up all the time either. Why dress up and waste all that time for nothing? I dress up for work and wear makeup during the week. On the Saturdays, I usually just wear jeans and light makeup. Sundays are what I call "dirty girl day." No shower, no makeup (unless I have zits that are icky) and comfy clothes. If I have to go out, it's sweatshirts, t-shirts or workout clothes. When I'm home on maternity leave, I plan on the comfy outfit as my staple if I'm just running out.

  5. I don't have the energy to dress up. I'm a total gym slob. When I do attempt to 'dress-up', I wear mascara - and it seems like a chore to put it on :)

    Those shoes are too cute - maybe those with my work out clothes would be considered 'dressing up' - hahaha

  6. I love it when you write these kind of posts, Tanya! I am somewhere in the middle. Everybody's different (thank goodness for that or it would be a boring world), but I am a firm believer in the saying "if you look good you feel good". It makes me feel good to wear a bit of makeup and earrings, and a cute outfit when I'm out and about. Those wedges are rockin'- you can wear any kind of polish with them! Hope you had a great time on your date!

  7. I'm the in-between girl. Lately I've worn shorts and sneakers a lot, mostly because I'm having trouble with my feet. I don't usually wear anything to the gym other than ugly shorts and an UnderArmor shirt. But I'm actually the most comfortable wearing a dress. I LOVE to wear dresses--they're comfortable and I always feel good in them. Plus, they show less of my legs than shorts. I'm much less self-conscious about my birthmark than I used to be, but I still don't like to draw attention to my legs. If I didn't have foot problems, I'd probably wear a dress nearly every day of the summer! I also wear makeup most days, and I always fix my hair--but I have easy hair. I usually wash it just once a week.

    But go without toilet paper rather than go out without makeup? No way!!

  8. I would say that I am mostly a gym slob. I so relate to picking up the kids still in nasty work out clothes!

    However, I do like to make sure I have make-up and earrings on if I go anywhere else public, like the store. I don't go to the gym, I work out here (when I actually do it), but I definitely wouldn't be getting dolled up to go to the gym!

  9. I've morphed into a gym slob. When I first quit work, I'd dress a little better and put on a bit of makeup. Until then, I wouldn't be caught dead without at least concealer and a little mascara. Now? Who cares? When I go out, I do try to put on a little more makeup than that, and put on a clean tee and jeans. Ha! The only time I dress is for church on Sunday. But you know what? It doesn't really matter. I'm pretty happy with that.

  10. Jeans, over sized T-shirt, tennis shoes, and pony tail are good enough for me! Comfort trumps cute any day!

  11. I'm all about the comfort. Completely:)

  12. Oh those are cute - I'm a sucker for zebra print. So much of my life flat out doesn't allow for dressing up, so I take every opportunity - even just running errands. I used to have to for work, and I actually miss it!

  13. Where do I begin! hahha!
    I FIGHT not being a gym slob. Which is why I started the blog! I have to work at it! DAILY.. I don't know why. I do not have to get up and get ready for work, and that is not good for me... because there are days I am still in pajamas allll day. I have been working very hard to "get pretty" as soon as I get up. Funny... I feel so much better when I do take the time to fix myself up. Also... I will admit , when I lose weight I seem to be a little more motivated. And when I gain...I slack off. Great post!
    Have a PRETTY day!

  14. also . love those shoes!!!!! Love a good date night!!

  15. I am a gym slob at home who "cleans up nicely" as my grandmother used to say when I go out of the house.

    I guess you could call me "two faced". LOL

  16. I am both I think. Never ever wear makeup to the gym (I go at 5:30 am)
    Like to have makeup on and look decent when running errands. Mainly cuz it's a small town and I always see someone I know. When home tho no make up and some days in my work out clothes all day too,
    Hope you are doing great Tanya

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