Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring and Fashion Rules

Well, it was GORGEOUS here in Arkansas over the weekend!  It was 75-80 all weekend long.  The sun was out, the birds were singing and the kids played outside all weekend.  I am so excited to finally have seen the sun after a week of gloom. 

I noticed that, because it was so beautiful outside, there were tons of people out and about.  The neighbors were outside taking pictures of their teens dressed up for prom.  Other neighbors were gathered around the grill.  I can only imagine what the crowd at the zoo was like.  For me, it's just a reminder of the things that are coming up - Easter, recital, lake season.  WOO HOO! 

Sunday was so pretty and warm that E got to wear one of her new outfits to church.  Wanna see?

Oh how I adore this fabric!  I've had it for almost a year and I couldn't decide which pattern to make with it.  I'm so glad I picked this one.  It's one of my favorites.  Um, I know what you're thinking, but she did wear shoes to church.  In fact, one of my favorite things about using this fabric was that she could wear brown flip flops with pink bows.  I tend to be REALLY FREAKY about that rule that you don't wear white shoes before Easter (E's white sandals, that is).  Do y'all go by that rule?  My Hubby also tries to sneak out in his linen shirt before Easter, but I have to stop him before he walks out the door and the fashion police pick him up.  No white shoes or linen before Easter, or after Labor Day in my house.  I know lots of people don't abide by that rule, but I am totally OCD about it. 

So, now it's Monday and the beautiful weather is MIA.  It looks like another gloomy, stormy day in Arkansas.  It has been raining cats and dogs and buffalo and dinosaurs outside.  We're under Tornado Watches until this afternoon.  I'm praying my spring weather is back in a  few days. 



  1. I'm not a great sewer but this makes me want to run to the fabric store and whip out the sewing machine! That oufit is so adorable. We've been enjoying the spring weather too!

  2. It was a great weather weekend but yes, the storms are coming! I hope there isn't much damage.

  3. LOVE that adorable dress! And what an adorable girl as well! Um, I don't know about fashion rules, but is it weird that I just hate white dress shoes in general? Yeah, I really don't like 'em.

    We hit 70 the other day and I was loving it! Yesterday I woke up to 8 inches of snow! What the crap?

  4. First of all, that dress is wonderful! Love the fabric. And the model is awfully cute too :)
    As for the white shoes rule...I don't think I own any white shoes other than sneakers so I don't usually think about it, I guess.
    We're having a gorgeous spring day here in NC although it is a little too windy. Tomorrow we are getting all that yucky rain and thunderstorms you are experienceing now. Hope the sun comes out for you tomorrow :)

  5. That dress is adorable!!! I can NOT sew even a button on!
    I am so jealous you have sunshine!!!!
    Cold and snowey here!
    Enjoy it for me!
    Have a pretty day!

  6. Cute, cute, cute!
    We had almost 90 degrees yesterday, and today it's in the 40s. Sigh. This see-saw weather is getting to me.

  7. That is a sweet, sweet dress...gorgeous fabric, too, Tanya! Your little girl has the most beautiful hair- I think she takes after you! My mom drilled the "never wear white shoes before May" rule into my head when I was little. I still follow it to this day- even though the fashionistas say it's fine! Crazy, I know!

  8. Can she get any cuter? Love both the fabric and the pattern that you used. It's nice here today but I missed it all being stuck in my classroom with no windows and then in multiple meetings. Blah!

  9. What a gorgeous outfit! I'm loving this weather too!

  10. She is absolutely adorable, and her outfit is just what I've come to expect from Mama Frou Frou. Makes me wish I still had little girls.

    And yep. Standing right there with you in the No White Shoes Until Easter group. It's so late this year that it's going to be a trial.

    Good think we're chock full of cute colorful alternatives and some gold blingy ones too.

  11. So cute and Yeah! Spring!!!
    I wish I could sew.. but nope not me.

    Well enjoy your beautiful weather!

  12. All the clothes you make for E are so cute. It makes me wish I had a little granddaughter to sew for... but I'm trying to make an outfit for my grandson right now...

    And said grandson was taken to the zoo by his parents last Saturday. His Mama said there were a Bazillion people there!