Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ruffles in the Kitchen

So, y'all know about my obsession with kitchen towels, right?  I loooove them.  My SIL got me these for Christmas.  They are so cute!  BUT, I only put them out when I have company because I want to keep them pretty.

 I've made a bunch of applique towels, mostly as gifts.  You see, my gluten-free/casein-free child drinks a lot of chocolate Silk.  He spills A LOT and Silk doesn't come out....EVAH!  Once it's on there, it's on there.   He's completely ruined my Williams Sonoma kitchen towels.  I'm glad he cleans up after himself, but gosh I'm tired of chocolate stained towels.  So, after I mentioned in a previous post that this is why I never keep and display my pretty towels, Richella and Suzanne mentioned I should make some for myself that could be bleached.  Well, duh!  Why didn't I think of that?  So, being the go-getter that I am, I got right on it put it off for a few months before finally getting to it last week. 

So, my original inspiration came from Sausha's shower curtain. 

Isn't it gorgeous and flowy and airy and pretty?  You can find Sausha's post here.  Anywy, I used ready made flour sack towels to make mine.  I cut one of them in strips to make the ruffles.  The ruffles are not hemmed so they will fray.  I love that! 

Look at those ruffles!

Rows and rows of ruffles.  Ahhhh!

Love!  But, I'm still not sure if I'm keeping it.  Hmmmm.  Can't decide. 

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  1. Your towels are always so pretty! I love these!

  2. So glad to know you're alright...those storms were HORRIBLE! My heart just breaks for those whose lives were lost in AL. and here in GA. as well as several other states. The news reports are unreal! It was a rough night for us, but nothing too major...thank goodness!

    I really LOVE those pretty towels...I'm a sucker for ruffles any way they come!

  3. I *LOVE* it! Would you mind sending me some ruffle instructions? I'm jonesing for some ruffle curtains for my office.

  4. Hi Tanya! I saw a comment you left on Debbie's blog (words on wheels) and with a name like Frou Frou Britches, I had to come and see your blog. I'm so glad I did!! I have thoroughly enjoyed browsing around. I especially love the post on Autism, I have a daughter with Down Syndrome. Her teacher has been telling me to watch the Temple Grandlin movie.
    Good to meet you!

  5. Love it and you must keep it unless you send it to me!

  6. It's gorgeous! Why wouldn't you keep it?
    Have you tried soaking your towels in oxyclean? I haven't tried it for chocolate Silk, but it works for a lot of stuff.

  7. I LOVE it! And I'm with Paula, if you're not keeping it, how about sending it my way?

  8. I absolutely LOVE it.
    And I don't have a gluten free kid who spills chocolate Silk, but I have a Mr. Clean husband who thinks you should bleach everything.

    Good grief...

  9. Thanks for checking out my blog, from Flaunt Your Feathers. I love finding new things to try to make. I'm planning to get out my new hand-me-down sewing machine, circa 1969, and sewing up some projects. Maybe I'll try a towel, too.

  10. This towel is adorable! And I love the white so that it goes with anything. Great job!