Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Day At The Fire Station

This time of year is always super busy and exciting. The end of the school year always means field trips, end of the year parties, recitals, band concerts, and field days, but Wednesday's events were something new for us.

Our local fire department sponsored a fire safety contest for all the local third graders. The participants were to make a poster of their floor plan which included the location of all the fire detectors, the escape plan for everyone and the meeting place outside of the house. Each elementary school in the area had a winner. J won for his school.

The kids got to tour the fire station.

J got to sit in the fire truck.

I had to take C to school, but J got to stay and eat breakfast with the firefighters. 

After breakfast, J got to sit in the firetruck and do the radio test.  Then the best part....J got to ride to school in the firetruck.  All of the third graders were waiting outside when he arrived.  They cheered and clapped for him.  He was so excited.

Alright, so he doesn't look very excited.  He was a little embarassed.  He's not used to people clapping and cheering when he gets to school (although sometimes I clap and cheer when they all go to school).  He was excited though.  It was definitely a day to remember.

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  1. Congrats to J - how exciting! Looks like he had a lot of fun, even with the embarrassment of everyone cheering! :) (I clap and cheer when both of mine are at school, too! lol)

  2. That's so cool! Breakfast with the firemen and riding in the truck...lucky boy!
    Congratulations to J for winning the contest.

  3. This is so wonderful! I would have loved to see his little face as he was riding. He'll never, ever forget it.

    And I laughed at your comment about clapping. You crack me up.

  4. That is so cool! What a neat experience - and where can I enter a contest where I'll get to eat with firefighters? Just wonderin'.

    I've missed ya!

  5. What fun! And great memories for me! I was born and raised in Arkansas and my Daddy was a fireman! We spent a lot of time at the firehouse and around the fire trucks! It was right across the street from the library...another favorite hand out! Enjoy your weekend! ♥

  6. So proud of my nephew! Way to go J!!! and so proud of my SIL's clappping! : D