Monday, May 16, 2011

Recital Weekend

Did anyone else have Blogger problems last week?  I couldn't post Thursday or Friday?  Was it just me?

Well, it was a busy weekend.  L had a field trip Friday to the local "bouncy house" place.  We had such fun climbing, jumping and sliding. 

L coming off the bouncy slide.

Also, the girls' had their recital and we had a house full of company for the occasion.  My BIL, SIL, my niece and my in-laws came to visit.  They all stayed here in my little about family togetherness.  It was tight, but we had a GREAT time.

This is little Miss Pouty Britches before her performance.

Here is the much happier after recital picture with her flowers.  She also got a trophy for being the leader in her class.  She was so excited about her trophy that she slept with it right next to her on the dresser.  The next morning she got up and said, "Good morning trophy" and carried it around the house with her all day long. 

C also did very well in the recital.  However, she HATED her costume and not only refused to smile for a decent picture, but pretty much hid from me until she changed clothes.  Therefore, I have no picture of C to share.  Teenagers!

So, what did y'all do this weekend? 



  1. Yep. Everyone had blogger issues. It was down for a while. Messed up a lot of folks schedule and provided a bit of aggravation to most of us.
    Recitals...ahh the memories.

    This weekend, I worked on the problem dresser/desk. Still don't have it fixed. I'll be working on it for some days to come..... argh!

  2. I had the issues with blogger too. I had a post ready to go up, and then the blogger door was locked on me. Phooey.

    Then, we went out of town for graduation. I'm not sure when it all got worked out.

    I remember the recital days. (Sniff) I miss them. I also remember teenaged days well so I chuckled that you couldn't get a shot of the unliked costume.

    I love the little ballerina that you DID get to share, though!

  3. blogger problems too.

    Cute pictures from the recital!!

  4. Yes, blogger was down across the board.
    Did you make E's costume? She looks so cute.

  5. I think everyone is steamed at Blogger. My post came back, but I'm still missing a good number of my comments. Oh, well...what can you do, right? Your little girl is so cute in her tutu! Oh, I remember those days, so cherish them like crazy! Yep...teenagers are a barrel of FUN, aren't they? :):)

  6. Aww, dance recitals! I miss those! You have to try to get pics because those are the BEST to laugh at when you get older!

    We did a lot of work on the house this weekend. DH and FIL painted all weekend and installed 2 ceiling fans. They wouldn't let me near the paint with the baby so I went shopping!

  7. E looks absolutely adorable! Maybe one day she'll sleep with an Oscar statue beside her... you never know! I'm glad to hear C did well in her recital, too. I hear you about teenagers ;) My daughter will refuse to go out to dinner with us if she thinks her hair looks bad.

  8. Your little one looks so precious in her costume. It's so sweet that she carried her trophy around all day.

    I worked all weekend to get ready for the retirement party that I'm hosting on Thursday. I'm crossing my fingers for no rain because I really don't have room for all of the people attending inside my house.

  9. Yes, Blogger deleted my Giveaway post and all the comments. I am still steamed.

    That costume is precious!!!!!

  10. That was a real mess with Blogger, wasn't it? I think it was the whole system, not just you. But I didn't have time to think about blogging, anyway, and it sounds as if you didn't, either! Glad the recital went well. You may only have photos of one girl, but those are precious! :)