Monday, May 23, 2011

Family Reunion Weekend

Well, this was the weekend of Hubby's annual family reunion in Texas.  When my family has a family reunion, we get together at the "favorite cousin's" house and sit around a eat (potluck) and visit and play cards and it's always a ton of fun, but it only lasts a day. 

Hubby's reunion is a little different.  They rent out a church camp for three days of family fun.  There is a big fish fry on Friday night, which Hubby's cousin does for the entire family (I think it was 94 people this year).  Saturday's lunch consists of TONS of smoked meat (briscut, smoked sausage, etc.), cooked by another cousin who happens to own a restaurant.  The sides are potluck.  Saturday night is leftovers from lunch.  In addition to the wonderful food, there are annual events that take place.  Friday night there is a 42 tournament.  Saturday morning is the fishing tournament and the family devotional.  There is also an annual volleyball tournament and an annual auction full of items donated by family members.  This auction is to raise $$ for the next year's reunion.  There is also a kid craft and a big rented blow up water slide for the kids.  It's a full weekend of fun. 

C and my niece M, in front of our cabin.

All my kiddos loving on their "uncle" (actually cousin) before we left. 

I HATE that I didn't take more pictures.  WE had a great time visiting with family.  Can't wait until next year.  Still working on the ten loads of laundry from this weekend though. 



  1. Isn't it fun to get out of town? Glad you had a good weekend and hope you conquer mount laundry today.

  2. I have only been to ONE really good family reunion. It was the summer after kindergarten, and we traveled to Ohio for it. It was grand as I recall. I guess every other branch on my family tree is made up of reunion duds.

  3. I LOVE family reunions. Sounds like a super fun time! We will be heading to Idaho in August for our family reunion on my mom's side - the kids are really excited!