Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fashion Trends For Your Backside

Throughout the ages, women have dressed to accentuate their curves.  If they didn't have curves, they faked them, or exaggerated what they did have. 

The hoop skirt was popular from 1860-1865.  This was worn by Scarlett O'Hara in 1861.

The bustle dress became popular in 1861.  They invented a special backless chairs so that women didn't squish their bustles when they sat.

Marilyn Monroe wore lots of pencil skirts in the 60's.  They obviously accentuated her bum.

So, what about fashionable babies?  What do they wear to show off their tiny little hineys?


Awwww, nothing like ruffles on little girls.  So sweet!  I wonder if I could interest Kim Kardashian in some ruffles for her famous backside?

Yes?  No?  It could be a new trend!



  1. Kim could probably pull it off...the rest of us should leave the ruffles to the babies!

  2. Oh, you made me laugh! I'm not sure Kim K. needs anything else to call attention to her bum! :)

  3. Ha! Only she could get away with it... I love your ruffles and had to chuckle at your term for baby bums. My girls babysit 18 month old twins every Tuesday. They just love them to death and have called them the tiny hineys since they were born!

    Blessings, Debbie

  4. Hmmm.... I could blame it on ruffles. That's an idea.

  5. I totally agree...little girls look, oh, so sweet in ruffles. I know my girls wore them when they were little. Kim's booty definitely speaks for itself...no ruffles needed there! ;)

  6. Totally a new trend! I triple heart ruffles!

    Also? I secretly wish bustle dresses would come back in style. I think they're awesome!