Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Those of you who know me are probably freaking out.  Nope.  I'm NOT pregnant.  I'm linking up with Elizabeth at Confessions of a Working Mom for Truthful Tuesday.  Today's topic is How Did You Tell Your DH (What does that stand for?  I know H is Hubby, what is the D?) and Family You Were Pregnant? 

Hubby and I got married five days after my 30th birthday in 2001.  We had been married for three months and I had just gotten off the pill a few weeks before.  I had lots of friends who had been trying to get pregnant for years and I was terrified that because I was 30, I would have trouble getting pregnant.  Of course, this is before I realized that we could share soap and get pregnant. 

So, the story goes, I had been up all night with a stuffy nose/sinus yuck going on and I wanted to take some DayQuil before I went to work.  I was only a day late, which is not uncommon for me, but I thought I would take the test just in case.  I'm really freaky about taking medicine when I'm pregnant.  Hubby was still asleep.  I went ahead a took the test KNOWING it would be negative.  It wasn't. 

When I saw that big ole plus sign, I was stunned.  I went running (actually it was a really small house, so it was more like three very fast steps) to the bed and jumped on top of a sleeping Hubby and yelled, "Get up!  get up!  Oh my gosh!  Get up!"  It took him a few minutes to focus on the test I was holding in my hands and while he was very excited, he was very mad that I hadn't included him on the peeing on the stick part.  Needless to say, I was forced to promise I would NEVER pee on a stick without him again.  He was there with a stop watch for the next two peeing on the stick events.

Thanks Elizabeth for the fun McLinky party.  It's been a fun trip down memory lane, especially since that baby will be eight this month.


  1. Stopping by from Elizabeth's, the "D" is for Dear I think..
    You are a brave woman to jump on a sleeping husband. :o)

  2. That is so funny that he was MAD that you didn't including him in the peeing part... I've never heard that before!

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  3. How cute!! I'm always envious of women whose hubbies get excited about stuff like that. My husband was scared spitless. Both times. Both of our girls were surprises, and he was a complete butthead during my first pregnancy. With the 2nd, he realized that babies aren't so scary and was more supportive.

  4. Lucky you! We were both kind of stunned...

  5. Precious!! My husband never wanted to know when I was peeing on the stick... I think it's sweet!

  6. Thats an adorable story!!!

  7. Awe.. what a cute story.. I love it that he wanted to be there for the peeing on the stick..lol!!

  8. What a great story!!! I should really put what I did for my first kid on a page ;) Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving me a nice comment!

  9. Fun story!

    I got pregnant with #1 when I was 30 as well (though it was in 2000) and have had three more since then. It's been a busy decade for us, huh? ;)