Saturday, March 13, 2010

His Plan Worked! AND Happy Birthday E!

Ya know how when kids are little, you have to force them to share?  You have to threaten to put them in time out, etc. if they don't share their toys or DVD's.  UGH!  It's so frustrating.  BUT, if it's something you don't want them to share, like say their germ filled sippy cup, they can't wait to pass it off to their unknowing younger sister.  It's as if he's saying, "Here baby sister, have a little pharyngitis with your snack!  It'll be great!  We can hang out fighting over mom's lap and forcing her to watch Thomas the Train and Sesame Street for hours on end while the laundry is piled up to the ceiling.  We'll be stuck in the house for another week accomplishing absolutely nothing and having virtually no groceries in the house.  Mom won't have time to take a shower until Daddy gets home after work.  She'll get smelly with ratty hair with chocolate milk stains on her clothes.  She won't lose weight because you can't take sick kids to the nursery at the gym.  We can request all the sick kid food we want, like pancakes and milkshakes.  We might even get to play musical beds at night.  Sounds like fun?  Have a sip of my chocolate Silk and let's give our plan a whirl."  I think that's pretty much how it went down.  I'm sure that's what he was thinking right before I screamed "NO!  Don't share sippy cups" and I went lunging to rip it out of her mouth.  Apparently, I was too late.  E woke up from her nap yesterday with 102.4.  GREAT! 

On a good note, I do have very loving sick kids, but it makes for a rotten way for E to spend her 4th birthday!  She turns four at noon today.  WOW!  Seems like just yesterday she was turning blue in the O/R (C-section) and scaring us to death.  Boy, how time flies.  Happy Birthday E!  You were the happiest surprise of my life - still can't figure out how ya got here - product failure I guess.  My sweet little girl who is supposed to be taking a nap is in her bed singing If You're Happy And Ya Know It Clap Your Hands as I type this.  She makes every day better!  Okay.  I'm gonna stop before I cry.

I did manage to get an order finished yesterday.  LOVE this fabric.  TOO CUTE! 


For Baby Grace and Baby Patterson, twins.  Isn't the fabric sweet.  I'm in polka dot heaven!! 

Okay, I'm off to unpile some of the laundry and get it into the wash while they're in bed.  I hope it's not stuck to the ceiling!  EEEWWW!  Praying the two big kids don't get it next...or me...or Hubby!  That would be AWFUL!!!! 

Have a good weekend!!! 

P.S.  Does anybody have any good suggestions for taking a paci away from a four year old?  I told her when she turned four, we had to send her paci to a baby because big girls don't have pacis.  I feel sure that's why she's not asleep and is in bed singing right now.  I know, I know, I am a bad mother!  But, in my defense, she only had her paci at bedtime.  She didn't walk around with it all the time or anything.  Anyway to ease the transition? 

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  1. I don't think there's a way to do it "nicely" at this point. I'd go cold turkey, but I am a mean mom. ;) Otherwise it's just drawing it out. Can you replace it with some kind of a "big girl" reward? Maybe she'd like that!

    Btw, did you check the blog on Friday? You were the winner....

  2. If she is singing, that may be her way of self soothing...instead of the sucking she is can that be bad? She may be awake tonight longer, but I bet tomorrow night or the night after, she may go to sleep much quicker. You could get a picture of a baby with a paci and show her how babies love pacis and hers went to such a baby. I really think things will be ok......stick to your principles and see if it doesn't work itself out. hang in there!


  3. When it was time for my daughter to lose the paci, I took her to build a bear with all her pacis, and we stuffed all of them into the bear (well actually, she picked an elephant and we named him Paci the Pachyderm (sp?)). Whenever she asked for her paci, we gave her Paci the elephant instead! And, guess what? It worked without tears or freak outs:) Good Luck:)

  4. Hard to do no matter how you do it...Love your blog...

  5. Hi there!
    Oh the wonderful joys of motherhood...haha. When my babies were sick they were so sweet too and loved to be loved on. Now that they are 19,17,and 9 they are still the same. Just tonight my 19 went to the Dr. and needs some Momma love~
    ps..dont feel too bad about that paci thing. My daughter gave hers away around the same age and it took a few rough nights but we made it. Hang in there. These moments will be treasure for tommorow~

  6. That fabric is darling! Love it.

  7. I love that brown polka doted fabric...too cute! I wish I could help you on the paci, but kids are 8 & 10 and I've forgotten so much!

  8. I know this sounds crazy but check the it when the signs are right...I dont know if you remember or not how W was so attached to his paci....He sucked his continuiously...One night I was giving him a bath and yes he was sucking his paci and when he took it out he had a irritated place on his little face...he sucked it so much that the moisture made a raw spot so I quickly grabbed a mirror and showed it to him...He grabbed it and put it on the side of the tub and never asked for it again....I couldnt believe it and someone told me to check the almanac so we did and the signs were right for that...AMAZING!!! Of course you know he is wearing braces now but taking the paci away was painless for us....The hard part was gathering all 75 of them up....He had them everywhere....Love you and Good Luck!!


  9. Jamie - how do I know what to look for in the almanac? I'm willing to try anything. I took them away and she started crying and sobbing and had had 104 that day so I gave it to her because I was afraid her fever would go up again with all that carrying on.

  10. Oh, this is the perfect description of how it always goes down at our house! And since we're all couped up inside because of the cold, we just keep passing it round and round and round!

    Good luck, I hope no one else comes down with it!

    And hope your little one had a Happy Day, despite the illness!

  11. Oh, and that set for the twins is super, super, SUPER cute!

  12. Oh, daughter used to suck her thumb. When she was getting ready to turn 3, and I knew she understood, I showed her some pictures of some messed up teeth, and told her how the thumb sucking could make her teeth that way, and then how it wasn't fun to get them fixed.

    We talked about a reward for her when she could go a whole week withoug sucking her thumb. She quit in less than 3 days.

  13. Thanks for the tips y'all! She's still running 103 so maybe we'll try to go without the paci next week. I'm such a chicken!

  14. I just wanted to say thanks for all the paci advice and to happily report we have been paci free for FOUR DAYS!! WOO HOO! I think maybe we've got this thing licked, so to say!