Tuesday, March 23, 2010


My name is Tanya and I am a rule breaker.  No, I wasn't one of those kids who got sent to the principal on a daily basis.  I'm not one of those people who breaks important rules, okay I do speed...sometimes..okay, most of the time, but that is not the kind of rule I'm talking about either.  I'm talking about decorating rules.  Do y'all follow any decorating rules?  Which ones do you disagree with?

#1   I know you are supposed to avoid using overhead lights and use lamps and natural light.  HOWEVER, what if it's broad daylight and your blinds are open and you have to run butt naked from the shower to the living room on the other side of the house to get your drawers (Arkansas hick for underwear) that are folded and stacked on the couch 'cause you were too lazy busy to put them up when you folded the laundry?  What if you have four kids and a large dog at home who act like monkeys and climb stuff and dance and are extremely klutzy and knock things over daily basis?  Then would you want a bunch of lamps around to fall off of the tables and get broken?  I don't!  Therefore, I use overhead lighting.  I am a rule breaker! 

#2   I know that when you have a fireplace, it should be the focal point of the living room, NOT the TV.  OOPS!  While I do love a good fire, I'm not gonna watch it for hours on end like I do my TV.  The fireplace is not even a little entertaining, unless you're sharing it with your significant other and don't have four kids around interrupting the romance with "Mom, I need some more chocolate milk, please."  OR, my personal favorite, "Mom, I need you in the bathroom."  I love my TV!  Although, now that my flat screen is on the mantle (another broken rule, I am sure!), I can kill two birds with one stone.  I'm considering this rule, just bent, not broken.

#3  I have always been told that you shouldn't put photographs of the family in your living room.  I'm not sure if people who abide by this rule have a family room and a formal living room, but I DON'T!  I have photos of my kids, parents, in-laws, nieces and nephews, sisters and brothers, wedding pictures of Hubby and I all over my living room.  They are, after all, God's art, right?  You decorate with what ya love!  I am a rule breaker. 

So, what decorating rules do you break?


  1. I have photos of family in BOTH my living areas....In fact, I'd rather have them there than have them staring at me in the bedroom!! ;0


  2. Ohhhh, breaking the rules - I love it! My major break is a VERY confusing swirly traffic pattern... it's like a scroll pattern getting from the front door to the kitchen around funky placed end tables and chairs.... and i LOVE it!

  3. Really? No photos of family in the FAMILY room??! I think that's silly. I love family photos, old and new. :)

  4. I had never heard of rule #3 either. Hmmmm...perhaps we can oust it from the list! I'm with ya on that one! MORE FAMILY PHOTOS!

  5. I really do not have any rules, just do what I like!! But I do love lamps...we are definitely lamp people..lol! And I also have pictures everywhere, thats the best!