Thursday, March 25, 2010


So, Hubby was on the couch watching the History Channel today when he announced, "Look baby, there you are on TV."  I looked up to see an Italian Renaissance type painting with a naked Adam and Eve (I don't know the name of the artist).  There she was in all her glory - her pear shaped body and big ole thighs, hips and tush.  Yep, that's me (In his defense, I often refer to myself as Botticelli's Venus because of my pear shape).  Anyway, while it has taken me nearly four decades to get used to my junk in the trunk, the fashion designers have yet to evolve to my way of thinking.  They design for people like this: 

NOT this:

I cannot find anything cute to wear for Easter because sadly, I'm closer to the second picture than the first.  What's a girl to do?  I refuse to buy anything expensive as I am TRYING to get some of this weight off.  Normally I would have been hitting the gym really hard the last few weeks, but because the flu hit our household two weeks ago, that hasn't happened.  So, I'm still the chunky chick in the painting.  Oh well.  More of me to love I guess.  Maybe I should get some sun or one of those Mystic Tans before Easter.  Fat looks better brown. 

And to all the designer of women's wear out there - make some cute stuff in Extra Beefy Jumbo sizes, would ya?  Something that is cute, flattering and inexpensive.  OR, I could just lay off those durn Crack Golden Oreos!  Nah!


  1. I'm gonna give you a tip. Check out Wal-Mart. No joke. I just bought a majorly cute navy and white damask dress'd never know it was WM. Paired with a nice bag and great shoes, it's gonna look fab on Easter Sunday. Check it out...some of their stuff is crap, but some of it you can work with! ;)

  2. I have a huge issue with the way clothes are made-- they don't fit me!!! Seriously though, I went shopping with birthday money last week, and I tried on a pair of pants. They were tight in the thighs and way loose in the waste. I couldn't win!

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  3. Wow- you're a straightforward talker! God made us all different and no matter the size, beauty is within!
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